Working Parents: Hannah Langley


Hannah Langley


When I joined JCW Group nine years ago, I was 18 years old. At that time, I didn’t have a family, so it wasn’t something I considered when looking for a role. It was only last year when I was expecting my first child that I thought about how things might change once I had a family. When I first went to tell the business I was expecting, I was a little apprehensive. But I shouldn’t have been, because JCW Group was nothing but supportive towards me right from the outset, the business and all my colleagues were genuinely happy for me which made me feel at ease.

JCW Group allowed me to choose when I wanted to take my leave and for how long. I was given the flexibility to work from home full time the month before I was due to give birth, which was ideal because I wanted to take my leave as late as possible. Since returning from leave, I’ve found the flexibility of being able to work from home really valuable because it means I can spend time with my daughter during my lunch break and as soon as I’ve finished work.

I’ve also had the flexibility of working four days a week since my return, so that I can spend an extra day dedicated to my daughter. The business was really understanding about this and allowed me to have this flexibility. This flexibility also extends to when I need to take last minute time off or work from home for childcare reasons.

My career has never been impacted as part of taking parental leave. I had a slightly different role before I went on leave, and upon my return I was given the option of where I wanted to progress my career. I now have a different manager and work in a different team. My current role means I have multiple career paths that I can choose to go down, and the opportunity to progress in my role and at the business.

My experience at JCW in general has been really positive, and when I became a working parent, it just reinforced for me how supportive the business was. I really appreciate the flexibility I have been given throughout my leave and upon returning to the business. I couldn’t ask for a better or more supportive workplace.