JCW Group Partnership

JCW Group Partnership

What is it?

Many recruitment businesses look to generate wealth opportunities through business exits. But we’re not like other recruitment businesses.

Our CEO has no plans to sell and has created a partnership scheme to provide the senior team with long-term wealth generation opportunities. When you become a partner, you have a host of benefits available to you including annual profit share, investment opportunities and business ownership. Not only does this give the business increased stability, but it allows everyone to be completely focused on achieving our long-term business goals.

Eligibility & Rewards

The Partnership Structure is currently available to directors and above that have been with the business at least 3 years and are delivering high and consistent performance.

These individuals live and breathe the business values of Grit, Growth and Greatness, and provide an exemplary example to everyone else in the business.

There are 2 levels of Partnership, with the rewards and benefits available increasing at each stage.

  • Partner
    As a Partner you will be eligible for annual profit share. This is a unique opportunity to substantially increase your overall compensation package.
  • Equity Partner
    Your Equity Partnership status means business ownership, with Equity Partners receiving a share of JCW Group.

Qualification Criteria

We encourage everyone in the business to work with their manager to understand their path to Partner. Election to Partner status requires majority approval from existing Partners and an exemplary track record within the business.

Our Partnership Structure launched in March 2022 with 7 inaugural Partners, and since then we’ve named an additional 3 partners, with new Partners inducted annually moving forward.

Unlike many businesses, progression doesn’t end when you hit Director or even Managing Director level.

There remains a commitment to career development and coaching, and our Partnership structure ensures ongoing rewards and progression for never ends, regardless of your seniority within JCW Group.


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