Founding Principles

These are the founding principles I created in 2006 when JCW was just an idea, and they’re just as valid today as they were then.

I believe it’s these principles that have allowed us to grow and be successful as a business so far. We make decisions in line with them, and we abhor decisions that go against them.  I’m including them here because I want to be completely transparent about what makes us tick as a business and what we really mean by culture.  These principles aren’t exhaustive, have adapted over time and will no doubt continue to do so – but should hopefully be helpful in giving a little bit more clarity on what the JCW Group is all about.

Jamie Woods
CEO & Founder, JCW Group

  • We’re only interested in markets, opportunities and enterprises that allow for substantial growth over time.
  • We look to solely hire Dubbers that are on their own growth journey and will drive growth in our organisation as a result.
  • We want our managers to “have the t-shirt” in terms of personal success, and to be an exemplar of excellence to others.
  • We believe that we can ensure this through the application of a clear and thorough management framework with all Dubbers to receive a high level of management quality as a result.
  • To ensure that high performers are rewarded better here than they would be at a (comparable) competitor.
  • To build a truly scalable business, we must give the opportunity for our people to generate real wealth. Not just good earnings but through partnership, profit centres etc.
  • A strong preference to promote from within rather than to hire experience from without.
  • To ensure that we have the resources and culture in place to allow our people to consistently grow.
  • We believe that a highly processed focused business allows for excellent client experience and maximises the success of our people.
  • We are obsessed with the training, coaching and long-term development of our people.
  • A people-first strategy with new offices, if and when we have the right person, we look to build a business around them.
  • We have a multi-office strategy but also a zero-failure strategy. People-first rather than dates and business plans.

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