Wellbeing that Works

Workplace wellbeing relates to all parts of our working lives. The environment we work in, the culture we experience, and our feelings about the work we do. As global talent experts, we help firms build teams and create environments for people to thrive. That’s why our responsibility extends beyond our own employees, to include our customers and communities too, and why workplace wellbeing is now a key part of our overall business purpose.

Our Purpose

  • Be the fastest and most sustainably growing talent business in the world through innovation and service excellence
  • Have a meaningful and significant impact on wellbeing and inclusion in the  workplace

Our Values

How we work is just as important as the results we produce. Our values have been instrumental in creating a business that delivers on its promises to its clients, candidates and employees. Our values are Grit, Growth and Greatness.

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Areas of wellbeing

In order to have a working environment that creates safety, collaboration and a platform for growth, we must focus on all areas of workplace wellbeing. This includes;

  • Social wellbeing. Our social wellbeing includes rewards and recognition, employee voice, diversity equality and inclusion, community activities and family-friendly policies.
  • Mental wellbeing. This relates to mental health, sleep, and rest and, is about  creating an environment where people feel comfortable to speak up and are supported when they do so.
  • Physical wellbeing. From staying in shape to keeping illness at bay, physical health can have a big impact on workplace wellbeing and includes physical activity, nutrition, and environmental factors.
  • Financial wellbeing. Fair pay, advice, support and resources to help you manage finances effectively ensuring you have the means to support yourself and your family financially.
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Wellbeing network

We’re committed to creating a world-class working environment for our business, and the businesses we work with. We are champions of workplace wellbeing and will ensure everyone we work with works together to improve working practices.

  • Candidates. We’ll support the transition into a new environment and will give all contractors access to our EAP.
  • Employees. Our employees have access to enhanced workplace wellbeing that we’ll benchmark every 6 months.
  • Community. Partnering with wellbeing experts in all of our regions to access industry leading best practice.
  • Clients. We’ll provide employers with the knowledge and insight to help improve workplace wellbeing.

Measuring our impact

We’re committed to measuring the impact our Wellbeing that Works initiative has on our candidates, clients, communities, and employees. Our Wellbeing that Works Impact Metrics have been created to ensure transparency as we work to deliver on our purpose – to have a meaningful and significant impact on wellbeing and inclusion in the workplace.

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Employee feedback​

Quarterly employee ​satisfaction surveys.
4+ out of 5 in all areas of our quarterly employee happiness surveys.

Employee action

Employee attrition.
WGLL: 35% annual attrition across all of our roles and global offices

External engagement

Overall audience engagement in wellbeing content.
20% growth annually across all wellbeing content and events. 


Community impact

Total fundraising efforts
10% increase annually in our fundraising efforts for wellbeing charities

Customer & Community Wellbeing

Wellbeing in the workplace isn’t just about our employees, but about ensuring everyone we work with has access to the information and knowledge needed to improve their own wellbeing. Our Wellbeing that Works initiative supports our customers and communities through:

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24/7 support for all contractors that work through JCW Group to provide additional wellbeing support through a library of resources and access to trained professionals.

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Executive coaching

We’ll provide two complimentary career coaching sessions to every candidate we place as part of our retained search model.

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Wellbeing content

Our whitepapers, webinars and videos focused on highlighting wellbeing best practice will be made available exclusively to our clients and communities.

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