Building a new Internal audit function for a European Retail Bank including the Chief Auditor and the team of 7 below them

Case Study / JCW

European Retail Bank


A European Retail Bank was looking to build out a new Internal Audit function in London, after becoming a subsidiary. We were tasked with initially finding the Chief Auditor and then working with them to build out the team below the successful candidate, from Audit Seniors up to Head of Audit Departments (internal/regional/IT).

The solution

Fortunately, our Audit consultants had already done much of the often time-consuming work to map the Retail Banking space for the client. After sitting down with the client, they were able to target specific competitors and approach Chief Auditors confidentially for the position.


Using a targeted approach, our senior audit specialist was able to use their extensive network within the Retail Banking space to find an Audit executive with extensive experience from one of the client’s key competitors. The Audit team were able to partner with the newly appointed Chief Auditor to bring in suitable candidates from other Retail Banks, with specialist experience to complement each other’s skillsets and ensure the new team was strong across all areas.

Client comment

“An excellent grasp of the market led to a seamless process.”

-Senior Director, Offensive Security

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