Why choose a career in recruitment

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Many of us find ourselves in a career we didn’t grow up seeking. Finding your calling can be a challenge. Often, there is a pressure to go into higher education simply because it’s seen as the ‘next step’, but university isn’t for everyone and there’s no point taking out student loans just for the sake of it. In fact, there are lots of roles you can choose from that don’t require a degree and aren’t a trades job. If you don’t think that university life is for you, then why not consider a career in recruitment?

Recruitment is the overall process of identifying and selecting candidates for an open position. Typically, recruiters work on a consulting basis to fulfil clients’ hiring needs, they provide the vital link between candidates and clients, establishing good relationships with both.

Here are some reasons we think working in recruitment is great

High Earning Potential

There are strong financial incentives for those who work in recruitment. Talented recruiters who perform well can be very well remunerated. The more successful you are in delivering the recruitment solutions clients need, and hitting targets, the more you’ll be rewarded. At JCW Group, on target earnings (OTE) on average are £35,000 in year one, £62,000 in year two and £94,500 in year three!

Fast Career Progression

Recruitment offers the potential for career progression at a rate much faster than most careers typically available to graduates. It’s a meritocratic environment where success is only ever based on your results rather than your length of service, your career progression is entirely in your own hands. At JCW, there are constant opportunities for promotion based on hard work. We invest in our staff, as they are the future of the business, so we promote our employees internally and top performers can advance quickly into more senior leadership roles. We’ll always let you know exactly what you need to do to progress to the next level, and our learning and development team will support you to develop the skills, competencies, and experiences to help you fulfil your potential.

Full training

As recruitment typically starts at an entry level, you can be sure you will be provided with comprehensive training as a new starter. You’ll also have opportunities throughout your career to learn from your colleagues at your desk to help you grow and develop your skills. At JCW, we’re passionate about training. Working with our dedicated learning and development team, you’ll received training, support and mentoring at every stage of your career to help you develop the behaviours, attributes, and skills to fulfil your potential.

Use of soft/ interpersonal skills

While recruitment is a business development role and is target driven, it’s also about building relationships with professionals in the market. The nature of being a recruiter means the focus is more on interpersonal skills such as communication, critical thinking, and organisation. If you feel as though you are a good communicator, then a people-centred role like recruitment is perfect to transfer these skills into the workplace and use it to your advantage.

Rewarding role

As a recruiter, you have the opportunity to make an impact on the lives of others. You play an essential role in placing candidates in positions they will succeed in and feel valued. Assisting people with finding the right job for them can fundamentally change their life for the better. On the client side, you help by sourcing qualified candidates who can add value to their organization.

Global Relocation

At JCW, we have offices in the UK, Germany, and America. We offer many employees the opportunity to travel to our offices abroad, and anyone in the business has the options to relocate. We have a number of success stories from individuals who have made the leap and transferred to another office. So, if you enjoy occasionally traveling or are interesting in relocating, recruitment is definitely a career to consider.

For many fields, years of study may be required just to land an entry level role. Recruitment, however, imposes no such barriers. Working as a recruitment consultant, you have the opportunity to really show what you can do and be well-rewarded for your achievements, even early on.

If you are interested in recruitment, we have a number of available roles in various locations. View the full list of roles at JCW on our careers page.