JCW Group promote Julius Wenzel to Senior Director in Frankfurt

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JCW Group is delighted to announce the promotion of Julius Wenzel to the position of Director in Germany.

Julius joined JCW Group four years ago as one of the first hires in the Frankfurt office, which was newly set up towards the end of 2017. Julius joined in 2018, he has since become a key member of the team in Germany and has performed remarkably well throughout his career at JCW, allowing him to progress upwards in the business, and now to Director status.

Felix Schäfer, Managing Director of JCW Group Germany said “I am delighted for Julius, he has come a long way over the past four years, and I have watched him learn and grown first hand. Julius has always embodied the JCW Group core values and is highly motivated, not only by financial incentives but also by success and self-development, he doesn’t get tired of explaining how all these incentives are very much obtainable within recruitment in general and JCW Group specifically. Julius has made a huge impact on the business, making some excellent deals, the team he leads is performing exceedingly well. I want to offer Julius congratulations for his achievements and the build up to this promotion, this next step is his career is well deserved.”

Julius commented “I feel very grateful to have been one of the first people who were hired to work in the JCW Group Frankfurt office. It hasn’t always been easy, but we got into the flow of things, and I enjoyed every minute. I am now responsible for leading a five-person team in Frankfurt, they are a pleasure to work with and we have been doing well! I have really enjoyed the past four years working for JCW Group, the business always supports staff who work hard and want to succeed. It’s been amazing to see JCW Group and the Frankfurt office in particular grow to 25 people after being one of the first. I’m looking forward to the next four years and seeing what the business does next.”