Working Parents: Simon Elsbury


Simon Elsbury


At the point where I started a family, I wasn’t sure if this was the right place due to my role and the size of the company. Being a small company, I was the only person at the time who could do my role and taking extended leave wasn’t something I wanted to do. I took two weeks off when I had my first child (and I’m currently expecting a 3rd!).

Having a family hasn’t impacted my career progression or development opportunities because at JCW promotions are obtained based on your performance. The learning and development opportunities including training are all completed during your working hours making it achievable for working parents. I have found that it is important to find the balance between putting the work in, which also means putting the time in and having a work life balance. This can be a challenging balance, but it is one that JCW support with their flexible working policies and hybrid working environment.

This flexibility gives people the chance to make life changing money and raise a family, meaning JCW employees don’t have to choose between having a family or a career. With this flexibility I know I can balance the tasks I need to get done and having a family or unexpected incidents such as childcare issues. Of course, covid has helped to change the working model and the increase of hybrid working has also positively impacted my work life balance.

The culture at JCW is inclusive to everyone in as much as people can choose to get involved as much as they like. I have adapted my routine slightly to be able to enjoy the culture and having a family. For example, on a Thursday morning a colleague and I have created coffee club where we catch up over a coffee in the morning rather than drinks after work. This allows me to still be a part of the culture and spend time with colleagues but doesn’t impact the time I spend with my family.

Overall, JCW is an output focused business which allows for flexibility and for people to make big jumps in their career within short time frames.