Working Parents: Kate Turner

Working Parents at JCW


Before HR Director Kate left for her latest period of maternity leave, we asked her what it’s been like juggling a career and parenthood at JCW Group. Here’s what she had to say:


“I have worked at JCW for 11.5 years and for just over six of those years I have been a working parent, I’ve been incredibly fortunate to grow my family whilst growing my career.

It’s a genuine, family orientated business and I’ve been given as much flexibility and support as I could possibly need. This has allowed me to not only to continue building out my career (including studying for extra qualifications in my field) but also be flexible for my children, especially when challenges such as no childcare, home-schooling and illnesses have been thrown at us.

During my maternity leave, the Keep in Touch (KIT) days were particularly valuable to me, to ensure that I still felt involved in the business and aware of any changes that are happening during my period of leave. Leading up to my return, the business aims for one KIT day per month to ensure that I am aware of and invited to any social events that are taking place.

To welcome parents back from leave, HR & L&D built a process which includes a welcome back presentation to inform us about business updates and future plans including hiring, so we don’t feel out the loop. We are then introduced to new members of the team who we haven’t met. We also have meetings scheduled with managers to discuss projects and tasks, as well as a meeting within the first four weeks back to discuss our development plan.

Following my return from maternity leave, I am able to work from home, change my work hours and give short notice for holidays, so I never feel like I have to choose between work and family life. Flexible policies like these mean that I feel trusted and accommodated by the business and the focus is put on my output, rather than the hours I put in.

I hugely appreciate the support and autonomy Jamie and the rest of the Senior Management team have given to me during this time. I really feel as though the business appreciates the challenges that can come as a result of being a working parent and I couldn’t ask for a better place to work.”

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