Working Parents: Deji Kups


Deji Kups


At the time of joining JCW in 2011 I didn’t have a family and it wasn’t a priority for me when considering where I wanted to work. Since then, I’ve grown a family and have experienced first-hand the support JCW offers working parents.

Being a working parent is never easy especially in a sales environment such as recruitment. One of my biggest concerns about having a family and being a consultant was the long working hours and how these would impact my work life balance.

In hindsight, I shouldn’t have worried. JCW Group is a company focused on deliverables and output rather than hours, so I had the flexibility around working hours and working from home which helped build a work life balance. Becoming a parent fuelled my motivation to make life changing money and the flexibility I’ve been given has allowed me to do just that.

As a working parent at JCW my career opportunities are the same as anyone who isn’t parent, your career path and objectives are tailored to what you want out of your career and whether you are a parent or not doesn’t matter. The focus on training, support and mentoring remains the same across the business it is dependent on what the individual makes of these.

Overall, I have received and continue to receive a huge amount of support from JCW Group. As an employer they understand that sometimes things happen that aren’t planned, for example, if your child is ill or childcare is unavailable this can impact your day but being output focused allows for this flexibility.