Working Parents: Daniel Evans


Daniel Evans


When I joined JCW Group in 2019, I was already a parent to my first child, so joining a business that was flexible and understanding towards working parents was really important to me. During my first interview with CEO Jamie, I was told how much of a family orientated business JCW Group is and what to expect as a working parent. My personal experience reflects everything I was told; I can honestly say I couldn’t have chosen a more supportive employer than JCW Group.

The business cares a lot about its staff and there is lot of flexibility given in general, including to those who need it because they have children. I have never had to make apologies for having childcare issues or needing to take last minute leave when one of my kids has become unexpectantly sick. The business understands that we are all human, and there is no need to apologise for having a personal life or dealing with issues that cannot be helped, especially when it comes to the challenges of childcare.
When I had my second child, the business was very supportive, and things were made really easy for me. The business was understanding of the stress and difficulties that came along with having a new-born child. The transition back to work was made really smooth for me and was on my own terms.

Something that I love about working for such a family orientated business is JCW Group’s attitude towards children. I see a lot of parents bringing their kids into the office, whether this is during ‘keep in touch days’ throughout parental leave or whether they want to introduce their children to colleagues. The environment is always really positive and everyone in the office is delighted to welcome children.

I feel as though I have been given a lot of autonomy working at JCW Group, this independence allows me to be flexible when I need to be, especially when it comes to childcare and work responsibilities, the business trusts me to complete my work whatever time during the day suits me best. I personally couldn’t think of a better place to work in general, and the added benefit of having this flexibility is just one example of why this is such a great place to work.