Working Parents: Alex Jenkins


Alex Jenkins


When I joined JCW I didn’t have a family so working parent policies or benefits wasn’t necessarily something that determined the company I wanted to work for, but it was something that I had planned for myself at some point. From very early on it was visible throughout the business that being a working parent at JCW was possible with many of the directors having families. Being able to see other people within the business, all at different levels enabled you to see that balancing a career and having a family was possible.

When I became a working parent there was no pressure from the business to be back at work so quickly, despite the pressure I put on myself. I felt due to the nature of the business and the sales environment it was important for me to be in the office and working long hours especially in a management position because I wanted to be there for the team and setting an example. However, the option to have a phased return was always there if I needed it.

JCW have always offered flexibility with balancing a family and work life, with flexi hours allowing me to be able to drop my child off in the morning and pick them up in the evening. I’ve found following the pandemic, that the business has become even more accommodating, offering more options to work from home and make up different hours as and when we need.

JCW offers more ways than one to get involved in the culture, so you don’t feel like you’re missing out if you’re not able to stay for after work events like Thursday drinks. Because of this, I would recommend JCW to anyone who is a working parent or anyone who is looking for a workplace that is a family-oriented business where they can have career and a family.

Becoming a parent at JCW doesn’t mean that your career progression impacted, everyone has a clear career path to work towards and knows what they must do to achieve a promotion. The training, support and mentoring on offer is the same for everyone across the business at all levels and locations regardless of their personal life, which gives everyone the opportunity to make life changing money and still put your family first. The transparency of leadership members with families is a great example and motivator of this. Opportunities such as relocation and travelling remain the same and it is always ultimately down to the individual if they want to relocate to another office, whether you’re a working parent or not.