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Employee wellbeing is the biggest responsibility we have as a business.

Most of us will spend 80,000 hours at work in our lifetimes - a long time if you don’t feel listened to, supported, or respected. That’s why we launched Wellbeing that Works, to create a benchmark for wellbeing at work.

Workplace wellbeing relates to all parts of our working lives. The environment we work in, the culture we experience, and our feelings about the work we do.

As global talent experts, we work with organisations to build teams and help create environments for people to thrive. That’s why our responsibility extends beyond our own employees, to include our customers and communities too, and why workplace wellbeing is now a key part of our overall business purpose.

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Our purpose

  • Be the fastest and most sustainably growing talent business in the world through innovation and service excellence.
  • Have a meaningful and significant impact on wellbeing and inclusion in the workplace.

Our values

How we work is just as important as the results we produce. Our values have been instrumental in creating a business that delivers on its promises to its clients, candidates and employees.

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Areas of Wellbeing

In order to have a working environment that creates safety, collaboration and a platform for growth, it must focus on all areas of workplace wellbeing. For us, this includes; financial, social, mental, and physical wellbeing.


Social Wellbeing

Our social wellbeing includes rewards and recognition, employee voice, diversity equality and inclusion, community activities and family-friendly policies.


Mental wellbeing

This relates to mental health, sleep, and rest, and is about creating an environment where people feel comfortable to speak up and are supported when they do so.

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Physical wellbeing

From staying in shape to keeping illness at bay, physical health can have a big impact on workplace wellbeing and includes physical activity, nutrition, and environmental factors.


Financial wellbeing

Fair pay, advice, support, and resources to help you manage finances effectively ensuring you have a healthy financial future.


Wellbeing network

We’re committed to creating a world-class working environment for our business, and the businesses we work with. We are champions of workplace wellbeing and will ensure everyone we work with works together to improve working practices.


We’ll support the transition into a new environment and will give all contractors access to our EAP.


Our employees have access to enhanced workplace wellbeing that we’ll benchmark every 6 months.

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Partnering with wellbeing experts in all of our regions to access industry leading best practice.


We’ll provide employers with the knowledge and insight to help improve workplace wellbeing.

Wellbeing that works in action

Wellbeing in the workplace is the biggest responsibility we have and it’s now firmly front and centre in our purpose. We’re putting Wellbeing that Works in action and have made the following changes across JCW Group

benefits_Flexible Working
Flexible working

Benefit from a hybrid working model giving you more flexibility alongside dedicated time working alongside colleagues and peers. Typically, you’ll be working 1 day per week at home, however, please refer to your Welcome Pack in NaturalHR for your regional details.

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Mental health first aiders NEW

We have, or are in the process of organising, dedicated mental health first aiders in each office. These individuals have all passed a mental health first aid course and are there to provide confidential one-to-one support in addition to the EAP. You can find your regional first aiders here.

benefits_Mental Health Days
Mental health days

Mental health days allow you to take last minute annual leave to ensure you look after your mental health when you need it most. Please don’t use these days for life admin (like a boiler repair), you can WFH for those. To request a mental health day, contact your manager before 9am.

Buddy program

Our buddy and mentoring programs provide a structure to give you support and guidance throughout your career. TBC


You’ll receive retirement support tailored to your location that includes pension auto-enrolment in the UK, adding to deferred compensation in Germany, and a 401K in the US. You can find more details on what you’ll receive in your region in your welcome pack in NaturalHR.

Employee Assistance Programme

Health Assured is our global EAP partner, giving you free 24/7 for you and your immediate family to confidential emotional support, legal guidance, financial resources and more. More details on Health Assured, including how to contact them, can be found here. 

benefits_Long Lunch
Long lunch

Open to everyone after they have been with the business for 6 weeks, the long lunch allows you to take 1.5hrs if you’re doing something to keep your body and mind healthy. Simply liaise with your manager before taking the lunch to ensure there is suitable team cover as needed.

benefits_Volunteer Days
Volunteer days

If you want to take a day, either as a team or individually, to raise money for charity, provide community support work or help the environment, you each have 2 days per year. To claim this please contact your manager and HR.

benefits_Annual Leave
Management training

Available to anyone with 6+ months service, not in training, and producing acceptable activity level, you have the flexibility to work anywhere that isn’t a JCW Group office for up to 5 days a year. To request this simply speak to your manager and regional MD.

benefits_Other benefits
Other benefits

We offer a variety of additional bespoke to each of our locations. This includes health insurance in the US and a flexible benefits package in Europe. More details on what is available to you can be found in your welcome pack within NaturalHR.

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Wellbeing training NEW

Now embedded of part of the Associate Academy, all new starters will receive wellbeing and resilience training ensure they have the tools to thrive in a recruitment role. If you or your team need any dedicated wellbeing training, please contact your regional L&D expert.

benefits_Working Holiday-12
Work from anywhere NEW

Available to anyone with 6+ months service, not in training, and producing acceptable activity level, you have the flexibility to work anywhere that isn’t a JCW Group office for up to 5 days a year. To request this simply speak to your manager and regional MD.

benefits_Family Leave-01
Enhanced family leave NEW

For those taking maternity leave you’ll receive full pay for 4 calendar months, then local rules on leave and pay apply. The paternity leave policy ensures you receive full pay for 2 weeks. Details on pregnancy loss support and additional benefits for family leave are available here.

Internal communities

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Customer & community wellbeing

Wellbeing in the workplace isn’t just about our employees, but about ensuring everyone we work with has access to the information and knowledge needed to improve their own wellbeing. Our Wellbeing that Works initiative supports our customers and communities through:

Employee Assistant Programme

24/7 support for all contractors that work through JCW Group to provide additional wellbeing support through a library of resources and access to trained professionals.

Executive coaching

We’ll provide two complimentary career coaching sessions to every candidate we place as part of our retained search model.

Wellbeing content

Our whitepapers, webinars and videos focused on highlighting wellbeing best practice will be made available exclusively to our clients and communities.


From climbing mountains to running marathons and to our annual charity auction, we’re proud to continue to support organisations that are making an impact with our dedicated fundraising efforts.

We’re proud to support the Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM), a charity that’s taking a stand against suicide. That means standing against feeling hopeless, standing up to stereotypes and standing together to show life is always worth living.

Globally, close to 800,000 people die from suicide every year. CALM exists to change this - by offering life-saving services, provoking conversation, and bringing people together to reject living miserably.



Impact with purpose

Wellbeing that Works is more than just words.

We’re committed to making a meaningful impact on the world of work, and to do that requires transparency, commitment and accountability. So we’ve clearly set out the methods and metrics in which we’ll measure the impact of our wellbeing and inclusion and commitment, alongside our wider business goals.

Measuring our impact

We measure the impact of our overall business purpose across three key areas; growth and financial performance, service excellence and innovation, and wellbeing and inclusion.


Revenue and GP growth

Headcount growth


Client retention, acquisition, and conversion

Customer service measurement (NPS)


Staff retention and engagement

Diversity and inclusion

Wellbeing in the Workplace report

This report explores how mental wellbeing is being addressed in the workplace, taking findings from a cross-industry survey to discover what employees value in terms of support, and what employers are doing, or can do better, to improve mental wellbeing.

Take the next steps

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