Wellbeing in the Workplace 2022 report

This report explores how mental wellbeing is being addressed in the workplace, taking findings from a cross-industry survey to discover what employees value in terms of support, and what employers are doing, or can do better, to improve mental wellbeing.

What's in the report?

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Employers’ current approach

How well are employers looking after their employees’ mental health? What initiatives do they have in place? What schemes would leaders implement in their business if they could?

What approaches are possible?

Are employers aware of what kinds of support their employees want? Are they reacting? What methods are available, and what’s actually realistic?
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What needs to change

What will have a marked impact on wellbeing and what won’t? What can businesses do to support their leaders in identifying and managing mental health concerns?

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Key findings:

of people have experienced mental health issues due to work in the previous year
of employees said they did not believe their organisation currently supports mental health
of business leaders have recieved no training in dealing with mental health issues

Workplace wellbeing relates to all parts of ourworking lives. The environment we work in, the culture we experience, and our feelings about the work we do. As global talent experts, we help firms build teams and create environments for people to thrive. That’s why our responsibility extends beyond our own employees, to include our customers and communities too, and why workplace wellbeing is now a key part of our overall business purpose.