VP of Quality & Regulatory Affairs delivered for precision health business to lead in newly created role

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Precision Health Company


Tests for this company’s precise and revolutionary technology, that detects diseases at an earlier stage than any other on the market, could only be performed on site in their highly secure and approved laboratories. As a result, they wanted to get regulatory approval to allow this to happen anywhere in the world. They didn’t have the Regulatory & Quality leadership experience and expertise to be able to navigate the strategy needed to gain clearance, and were looking for the right person for a new role that was difficult to clearly define, leading to requirement changes throughout the process which was not helped by the market uncertainty that the COVID-19 pandemic brought midway through the recruitment process.

The solution

We reached out to an existing and well-established network and actively headhunted candidates with experience of this niche situation. This resulted in a shortlist of 7 profiles. The varying backgrounds and leadership approaches of each of the candidates interviewed helped determine exactly what the role needed to be as they went through the process.


The company hired the candidate with the most well-rounded and in-depth qualities in all of the key areas they were looking for including; inspiring leadership, technical acumen and strong regulatory experience. They’ve since been a resounding triumph across the board and solved several key issues within days of starting that the company had been struggling with for years.

Client comment

“The level of attentiveness went above and beyond and the quality of candidates delivered was first class.”

- Manager

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