Senior regulatory affairs manager sourced for medical devices company in niche location

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Global Medical Devices Company


Having recently acquired a small medical devices manufacturer, this company was looking for a highly skilled Senior Regulatory Affairs Manager in a location with no existing suitable candidates. They needed someone with Class III Device experience and German language skills, to update the newly acquired company’s technical files in line with the new Medical Device Regulation and company’s corporate system. They needed someone willing to work and live in this particular location, and fluent in German to ensure a smooth transition.

The solution

We mapped the market and identified candidates who had previously lived in the area and were more likely to be open to a return. Digging deep into their experience, we used our German entity to verify each candidate’s technical language skills before submitting them to the client to ensure they only interviewed suitable candidates.


The company hired a candidate with Class III device cardiology experience, fluent in German, and who had always been open to returning to their hometown, but wasn’t aware there was a life sciences company that could suit their experience and ambitions. Since joining, the technical files have almost been fully updated and the candidate will be rewarded with a promotion and a fully remote role within the company so they can stay in their hometown.

Client comment

"Diligent, professional, and personable service from Catalyst."

- Manager

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