Sales team restructure
delivers 189% growth

Case Study / Cybernetic Search

Cyber Security Software Solutions Start-up, USA


The firm’s sales structure consisted of only full cycle account executives and sales development representatives in Washington DC and San Francisco. The existing team had a a high staff turnover rate and as a result, the sales pipeline did was not sufficient for the growing start-up.

To reduce staff turnover and increase product demos, the firm wanted to build out three inside sales offices across the country. This was a top down build out placing the Director first, then five inside sales people, then 10.

We were given a three-month timeframe to complete phase one. Phase once included confirming new locations, hiring a director and also the first five employees.

The solution

Extensive market research was conducted to identify suitable locations taking into account the location cost, available talent pool, standard of living, average salaries for the positions required, and proximity to college campuses. We also looked at the tech community within each location and considered relocation expenses for each of the potential locations before presenting to the firm.


Following our research the firm decided on new business locations in Phoenix, Dallas, and Charlotte. We had also been working on a long-list of suitable candidates for the director positions and after 5 interview, 3 hires were made. We subsequently built out the team of SDRs and the impact of a new sales structure resulted in growth of 189%.

Client comment

The Cybernetic team has helped us identify the right locations for us to set up new offices, and directly placed each new director for these new locations, resulting in a smooth transition for a team build-out.”

-Head of Talent Acquisition

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