Diversity & CSR

We’re committed to creating a diverse, inclusive and socially responsible business.
We believe in building teams representative of their local communities, for ourselves and our clients, and recognise that diverse and varied perspectives add unique value to the workplace.

Our diversity commitment

We are committed to building a team that represents a diversity of thought, experience and background. We recently reviewed our D&I efforts and have put in place clear strategic targets to work towards. We don’t want to be just pumping out the usual platitudes. This is about making meaningful change to our business, and the businesses we work with. We have set strategic D&I goals across the business and have put a number of key initiatives in place to help us achieve them. They are:

Across JCW Group our placements in 2020 were made up of:















Our diversity goals

  • Our global management team to reflect the racial/ethnic diversity of our respective local communities. By 2024.
  • A 50/50 gender balance and racial/ethnic diversity across all of JCW Group that is reflective of our local communities. By 2022.
  • Our candidates placed to be consistently diverse (gender) and racially/ethnically representative of our clients’ local communities. By 2021.

How we achieve our goals

  • Creation of a Diversity Counsel to continually measure effectiveness
  • Talent team targeted against ensure we have a diverse pipeline of candidates through specific resourcing and targeting
  • D&I to be more prominent in all staff engagement forums and specific targets in place across the management team Talent team tasked with hitting and coordinating
  • Partnering with specialist external suppliers to ensure ongoing best practice (e.g. Growing Happy)
  • Defaulting to no-named shortlists for all client vacancies

"We want to make meaningful changes to our business, and to help our clients make meaningful changes to their businesses too. We already provide blind shortlists to clients that request this, and this will be just one of the areas we are increasing as part of our ongoing D&I commitment."


Hours pledged to socially responsible activities yearly


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donated to charity


of carbon offset in the last 12 months

Social responsibility

We welcomed the Myotubular Trust team into our London office recently to find out more about the work they do and present them with a cheque for £32,851.

That’s what we raised in 2020 and comes off the back of our Black Tie event that included a company-wide raffle and auction.

It was fantastic to hear about the charity’s upcoming clinical trial and great to know we’re ale to help with the fundraising so far able to cover 50% of the clinical trial costs.

We’re all keen to help as much as possible and look forward to more charity events throughout the year.

From the Myotbular Trust

"We are delighted to announce that the Myotubular Trust are co-funding a clinical trial with the charity arm of the world-renowned Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH), and Sparks, the children’s medical research charity. This is following our joint research grant call in 2019. It is a real honour to be partners in the UK’s largest charitable grant-making scheme of its kind, dedicated to paediatric rare disease research."