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Matt Hezlep

Cybernetic, Los Angeles

Career highlight so far

Receiving the ‘top salesperson of the year’ award for JCW Group in 2019 at our Annual Black Tie event in London.

How has JCW Group helped your progression

From day one I have had incredible training support and been given the opportunity to run my own 360 recruitment desk. Being with Cybernetic Search since launch, I’ve had the freedom to pursue business without any restrictions and the business has supported me throughout many tough times. But after months of practice refining my pitch, building a quality candidate database, and ultimately coming to the conclusion of focusing on placing technical sales people, my desk has flourished.

Anelisa Barradas

Annelisa Barradas

JCW, Frankfurt

Biggest lesson learnt

Always ask questions, and often it’s the hardest questions that are the best questions.

Why is JCW Group different

JCW is different because we do not compete with each other, we help each other to be better as a team. The most important thing for us is that our team is successful, because when we achieve that, every single person is also successful. You don't see that very often, especially in recruitment.

Lucy Russell-Henry

JCW, London

Biggest lesson learnt

Be patient, follow the process and you will succeed.

Why is JCW Group different

We have a ‘big enough to deliver but small enough to care’ mentality and that shines through in how we approach customer service to our clients and candidates. The relationships that we build are real relationships and we care about partnering with them. That creates a unique level of trust with our clients and candidates.

Lucy Henry

Megan Harper

JCW, New York

Advice to new starters

Be patient. It’s not going to click right away, but don’t get discouraged. The deals will come if you put in the time, effort and allow yourself to learn!

What makes JCW Group different

JCW Group stands out with its engaging culture, supportive nature, and its continuous need to progress and adapt. It gives you all the great tools a young professional starting off in the working world will need. JCW Group also gives you the drive to succeed because you can see it all around you and that is really incredible to be apart of.

Cheikh Khoule

Catalyst, London

Career highlight so far

Passing the academy and being promoted before my 6 months with no previous experience or studies.

Biggest achievement

The culture and united team at Catalyst has definitely been a key part of our common success. We are always here for each other, at every level, and have the same hardworking mindset which help us to pass every challenges and continue to dream big.

Actor headshot photographer, Kirill Kozlov, London 2021

Joe Maude

Xander Talent, London

Highlight so far

In less than six months of joining the Xander Talent team I was made Digital Marketing Lead. Not bad for my first ‘real’ job since graduating two years ago!

What is great about JCW Group

What stands out to me is how invested Xander are in personal growth and development. This is the same across the whole of JCW Group. I am really passionate about creating digital content and it’s really humbling to be part of a company that is willing to give me a platform to not only be creative, but also give me the time and support I need to grow. Not only that, we have a social purpose at the heart of what we do at Xander, and I’m really proud to be part of this team.

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