Careers at JCW Group

We’re a diverse, driven and ambitious business committed to creating a world-class workplace. With 6 brands and 7 locations, we offer unique career opportunities and career-long training support to help you realise your potential.

Working at JCW Group, you’ll be supported every step of the way to become an industry specialist, and deliver the highest quality service to our clients and candidates.


Why join us?

We’re an ambitious, fast-growth business creating unique career opportunities across Europe and the USA. Passionate about delivering a high-quality service to our clients and candidates, we provide a professional, ambitious and supportive environment to build a career.

A career at JCW Group is more than an incentive or a commission scheme. It’s about teamwork, having autonomy, being supported, trusted, and being invested in. It’s about looking forward to coming into work every day. And most importantly, it’s giving you the platform and opportunity to realise your career potential.

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Transparency and trust

Transparent career progression. We're committed to ensuring that every single person, at any stage of their career, knows exactly what they have to do to hit their next career or earnings milestone. 

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Delivering on promises

When we make a promise to our clients or to our employees, we make it happen. Consistently delivering on your promises is what builds long-term client relationships and a key part of our low staff turnover rates.

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Support and wellbeing

No egos, no attitudes. Whatever your background, you'll only ever be judged on results. We're building a culture that cares and are committed to creating a more diverse workforce for our clients and employees. 

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Recognition and rewards

We celebrate success. Whatever your role across JCW Group, we ensure that your hard work and impact on the business in recognised, and success is always rewarded. 

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To never give up, to display resilience in all things

To be a firm which both expects and gives loyalty to its people

To go about our business with determination, drive and energy at all times



Forward momentum at all times, always growing as individuals and a business

Hungry learners, actively embracing learning, development and coaching

Working toward fulfilment – taking yourself in the direction you want your working life to go in



To seek to be the best in everything we do and for all of our work to be of the utmost quality

To be experts – to be smarter than the competition

To provide unrivalled customer service to clients and candidates

Career path

We're able to provide rapid career progression opportunities due to the pace at which our business is growing. With two clear career paths focused on either billings or team management, success and career progression is always based on your achievements, not your seniority.

Career-long training

We're passionate about learning and development and it's a huge part of a career at JCW Group. Which is why we ensure you’ll receive training, support and mentoring at every stage of your career with us. Whether learning about processes and systems as part of the Associate Academy, or understanding
the behaviours, attributes and skills of a successful recruiter in the Top Gun Programme, we’ll ensure you have everything you need to build a successful career.

Associate Training Academy
Stage: Associate Consultant     Duration: 12 weeks (40 hours)

When you start: Associate Consultant (Senior Consultant and above will start undertake the Training Academy - but at a faster pace)

How long it lasts: 8 weeks (40 hours)

Overview: Upon joining JCW, you’re enrolled in the Associate Training Academy. This training program offers an in-depth overview of the search and recruitment industry as well as providing you with the tools and skills necessary for success.

The first 4 weeks focus on the basics of Delivery - the process of placing professionals into industry positions that our clients have given us. At this stage you’ll get to grips with our systems and will be speaking to candidates, head-hunting, CV formatting, time Management, communication, and lots more.

The next 4 weeks are focused on Business Development – the process of bringing on new clients as well as pulling roles from existing clients. Here you will learn how to build market intelligence, grow relationships with clients and understand how to pitch yourself and JCW to win new business.

Once you have completed both elements of the program you will have the opportunity to determine your immediate career path – either focusing on the delivery function of the role or becoming a fully focused business developer.

Training Background

Resourcing: 4 weeks (20 hours)

You will learn how to:

  • Maximize the technology available
  • Manage your time effectively
  • Format CVs
  • Explain the benefits between contract and permanent
  • Headhunt experienced professionals
  • Work with candidates - how to spot a good candidate, how to pitch roles to candidates, how to handle candidate objections and how to prep candidates for interviews

Business Development: 4 weeks (20 hours)

You will learn how to:

  • Gather market intelligence
  • Manage your time between BD and resourcing
  • Communicate with clients and pitch JCW’s services
  • Negotiate client terms
  • Utilize the delivery function
Top Gun
Stage: Consultant     Duration: 1 year with 2 training sessions per week

When you start: Consultant

How long it lasts: 1 year with 2 training sessions per week


Once you’re promoted from Associate Consultant to Consultant, you begin your next training program – Top Gun.  Supporting your growing career, this program helps develop your skills in the art of efficiency and gives you the tools to deal with complicated issues on your own.

Each module is split into three sections. Firstly, we assess your current level of skill and knowledge by using role play or written/oral tests. Secondly, we then provide practical training support to focus on the areas where development is most needed. Finally, we support and monitor develop in that area and assess improvement through the completion of tasks followed by group discussion.

There are three modules within the Top Gun Program. They are:

  • Conduct – This module focuses on developing both aptitude and attitude. A thorough program designed to create outstanding recruiters, you’ll understand what common mistakes are made and how to identify and react to them. This module will also develop skills including; time management, organization, understanding KPIs and knowing what good likes like. Delivery bods and Business Developers sit through this module.
  • Delivering – You will receive a greater understanding and insight on building candidate relationships and increase your ability to deliver the right candidates to openings. This module will showcase the importance of interview preparation, understanding a candidate’s motivations, delivering interview feedback and the necessity of regular communication.
  • Developing – Building on the two previous modules, this focuses on increasing your ability to bring on new clients and pull roles. You will increase your knowledge and understanding of; pitching either permanent or contract recruitment, pitching to HR, business development with key contacts and negotiation.

Key Skills Learned:

  • Holding yourself accountable
  • Time management & communication
  • Advanced candidate generation & candidate care
  • Closing deals & best practices to implement once a deal has closed
  • System management
  • Account management
  • Advanced BD: Pitching Retainers, Partnership Search & Consulting Services
Future Management & Leaders Training Program
Stage: Senior +    Duration: Roughly 3 months - 30+ hours of instructor led training + 5 projects

When you start: Senior+

How long it lasts: Roughly 3 months - 30+ hours of instructor led training + 5 projects


Once promoted to Senior Consultant you are given the option to enroll in the FML training program. The aim of this course is to give an insight to management – understanding what it takes to grow successful teams.

FML is not an easy program to pass. You can fail by not hitting relevant activity and billing levels or by not completed tasks built into the program. However, it’s this rigor that ensures we give everyone a genuine platform for success and why every single leader at JCW has completed the FML program successfully.

You will learn how to:

  • Act and operate as a manager
  • Manage a high performing team
  • Upskill your team
  • Use data to make intelligent decisions
  • Develop a culture and positive business environment
  • Interview and hire top talent
Bespoke Training Programs
Stage: Principal and above    Duration: Training programs have ranged from a month to a year

When you start: Principal and above

How long it lasts: Training programs have ranged from a month to a year


When you reach Principal level (or equivalent) and have completed the FML program all training is created bespoke for you. Whether you need to learn more about conflict resolution, negotiation, managing a team or building your own business, we’ll create a program tailored for you. Delivered by the JCW board, these programs are designed to support you as your grow your teams, billings or business as a senior member of the JCW leadership team.


Everyone at JCW will push in the right direction and always be there to give advice, follow it and you’ll make it .

- Max Doman

Find out what it takes to succeed at every stage
of your career within the JCW Group.

Careers at JCW Group

Working for JCW Group means you’ll be part of an award-winning, high-growth business that provides rewarding opportunities across six niche brands.

A professional, ambitious, and career focused environment, we're passionate about creating opportunities for you to achieve your earning and career potential.

Our awards

We’re committed to providing exceptional service to our clients and to creating an outstanding place to work for our employees.
Our most recent awards include:

Investors in People Gold


SIA 2020

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